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DellaVecchia's music is not for the faint of heart . An incendiary drummer and percussionist over a forty year career in the fields of pop , rock , southern rock , and jazz , yet a conservatory - trained musician who could also claim a long, deep relationship with country legend Marty Robbins , Mr. D. Is a piece of work ! He's been putting these works together for years , and from time to time I'd get a progress report , when he had time out of his schedule to move these pieces forward. A year or so back , I got the call to contribute basses to Stephen's thirty minute suite , "Doorway to the Past". I was sent a draft of the piece and immediately realized that due diligence was going to be required on this one !

This stuff can't be pigeon- holed..........Electronica .....kinda , Avant-garde ....sure , Atonal , yeah..... polychromatic...... you betcha !...... polyrhythmic.... for sure . I think of his works as volcanic tone poems and was excited to participate in the recording of one such.

He's an honest and uncompromising artist , and it's always good to run into one of those !

Michael Snow, Producer/ Composer/ Musician


Child prodigy at age five...began studying drums and music theory with uncle, a professional drummer, graduate of the Hamilton School of Music in Philadelphia, and a specialist in the Schillinger Method...

Age eight, played in V.F.W. Drum and Bugle Corps.
In elementry school, formed his first rock band.
Age nine, began studying with Mr.Loop, a concert drummer and percussionist with the Navy Band, assigned as the official White House Band...Jazz artist also, and taught a select few students.

Age twelve, joined a contemporary group called The Barons that played school proms, Kiwanis Club functions, etc. With permission from parents, began playing night clubs. The Barons became popular and recorded and album.

Age fourteen, joined the band Nobodys Children which played all school functions. They appeared often at the Hotel Dupont, one of the finest hotels in Delaware. They began performing in concerts, opening for American Dream.

While attending college, The Platters asked him to join their band and he went on tour with them, receiving a special request to perform at Andrews Air Force Base for the wife of Vice President Spiro Agnew. During this period he played with Bobby Rydell, Rufus Thomas, Billy Crash Craddock, Roger Miller, John Beland, Linda Ronstadt, Ray Peterson, Ronnie Dove, Vic Dana, The Vogues, Ruby Winters, Bobby Vee, etc...

Joined Ray Peterson's band...Ray had seven gold records, with hits such as 'Corrina, Corrina', ' Tell Laura I Love Her' and 'The Wonder of You'...We made television appearances and a nationwide tour...At this point, I moved to Nashville, where Ray was associated with Interstate Talent Agency...Through the agency I met Charlie Daniels and Taz DiGregorio... I was influenced by Charlie and Taz, and decided to become an original artist...They arranged my first session with 'Lazy Lid Orchestra', a Jazz/Rock group... I filled the drum chair of Michael Walden, who replaced Billy Cobham in the Mahavishnu Orchestra...

I joined and toured with Southern Steel, who had two albums out...Then moved back east to attend The Wilmington Conservatory of Music, studying Piano, music theory, arranging and composing with Dr. Orlando Otey, director or The Wilmington Conservatory of Music...

I went on to tour with the 'Winter Brothers Band'...Opened for the 'Allman Brothers Band', the 'Charlie Daniels Band', 'Marshall Tucker', 'ZZ Top' and others.

I formed the Gypsy Band, which was produced by Michael Snow and Taz DiGregorio.

Further development as a Jazz artist led to studio work. Through these sessions I recorded with Marty Robbins, Bobby Russel, Michael Snow, Gary Brown, Randy Skruggs, Larry Keith, Steve Pippen, Jim Hurt, Larry Henly, Bob Montgomery, Greg Guidry, Vassar Clements, Chip Hawkes, Sonny Curtis, Ray Peterson, Ronnie Dove, Spooner Oldham, Orsa Lia, Lawrence Reynolds, Shane Kiester, Charlie Anderson(Chopper), Taz DeGregario , Charlei Daniels, Tommy Crain, Michael Rhodes, Donny Fritts, Taylor Rhodes etc...

Formed Starlife Group, Nashville's first Jazz/Rock/Fusion Band... Produced by Bob Montgomery, Johnny Slate and myself.

Joined 'Chain of Command' which produced two albums and two videos for CBS and Sony. Career opportunities have led to more session work, doing commercials for Bell Telephone, Ford Motor Company, Adidas, Kmart, Eastman Kodak among others.

Production credits include:
Orsa Lia, Lawrence Reynolds, Taz DeGregorio, Dobie Gray, Gypsy Band, Trouble Walking, BoysTown, Jake Sanders, Jeff Bates, Kenny Berry, Jeff Skorik, The Oklahoma Bombing Project, Not Enough Love in the World.

Live performances include:
Carlos Alamar (David Bowie), The Volunteer Jam, NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)

Greg Allman, Chuck Leavel, Jimmy Hall, Elvin Bishop, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Crystal Gale, Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, Taz DeGregorio, Orsa Lia, Link Ray, New Beats, Ray Stevens, Dickey Betts, Charlie McCoy, Terry McMillan, Doby Gray etc...Also played all the Mental Health Benefit Concerts at TPAC.

Started Stonehenge Music Inc., a Recording Studio, Production, Publishing and Management Company. I currently have the DellaVecchia Band, with four CDs out, 'Spirit Warrior', 'Doorway to the Past', 'Shaman', and 'Silver Cord'.

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